Monday, December 16, 2013

Challenging GR

Challenging Gender Restrictions
Kylie Edwards
         Gender roles are those behaviors, tasks and responsibilities that a society considers appropriate for men, women, boys and girls. Gender relations are the ways in which a society defines rights, responsibilities and the identities of men and women in relation to one another. Gender discrimination is any exclusion or restriction made on the basis of gender roles and relations that prevents a person from enjoying full human rights. Gender equality is when women and men enjoy equal rights, opportunities and entitlements in civil and political life. Gender equity means fairness and impartiality in the treatment of women and men in terms of rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities.

      Gender analysis is the study of the different roles of women and men in order to understand what they do, what resources they have, and what their needs and priorities are. Gender balance is the equal and active participation of women and men in all areas of decision-making, and in access to and control over resources and services. Gender mainstreaming is the globally recognized strategy for achieving gender equality.